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Dogs are human companions. It are smart, beautiful and very loyal. Throughout the whole process it is like a friend, an indispensable member in every family.

If you are planning to raise a dog, then definitely do not ignore the 14 most beautiful dog breeds in the world below. They are not only beautiful, but also intelligent, loyal and do a lot of work.

First of all, Husky dogs. Husky dog ​​is one of the top beautiful dog breeds that are extremely popular with pets. The Husky dog ​​weighs less than 25kg in the Siberian region. They are quite fun, friendly, gentle and intelligent.


The second is Alaska dogs. Like Husky, Alaska is a medium-sized dog, with an average height of 60cm, weighing about 40kg in the Alaskan region. It was raised to pull a car like the Siberian Husky. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world and have a strong, durable, devoted, friendly, affectionate and intelligent personality.


Next, the Pomeranian is a very small breed weighing only 1.3 - 3.3 kg and the highest height is only 25-30cm. They are the most popular pet dog breed today because of their cute, petite, lovely appearance. They are quite loyal, highly alert, preferring to live in houses and close to people. Active personality, playful, easy to get along with cats and other pets.


The fourth is the Golden Ritriever which is popularly cultivated around the world, average 60-70cm high and weighs 30-35kg. Intelligent personality, always happy, obedient, loyal. Golden dogs are often trained, trained in special service in the army or support the disabled, blind people because they are very intelligent.

Golden Ritriever

Fifth is a Beagle, a small dog, an average height of 14-16cm, weighing about 11kg. Like a miniature hound version. They are loved for their extremely friendly and intelligent personalities, likes to bustle and explore the outdoors. And this is also a dog breed can participate in the game or make friends with children.


Friday is Akita Inu. Belongs to a large breed, can weigh up to 60kg in Japan and reach a height of about 65cm. They are always alert, face is very criminal but obedient, submissive and very brave. In the past, Akita dogs were raised by the Japanese to hunt.

Akita Inu

Next is the Finnish Spizt dog. A small dog of less than 10kg originating from Finland was bred to hunt rodents (rabbits). Rated as a loyal, intelligent, loving life, playful and independent dog.

Finnish Spizt

Eighth is the Berger dog. A medium-sized dog, 40kg or less, of Swedish origin, of German origin. Rated as intelligent, active but considerate, thoughtful. Can be raised as a pet or trained as a guard dog.


Icelandic dogs. They were brought to Iceland by the Vikings. A medium-sized dog, about 35kg. Can be raised as pets or herds. Healthy, agile, active, fun but also very alert.


Next is Shiba Inu. A small hunting dog, about 10kg from Japan. Although small but fearless, always alert, confident, loyal and considerate to his employer.

Shiba Inu

Next up is Samoyed. A Siberian Samoyed dog, the average weight is around 30kg. Used by the Samoyed to pull sleds. They are playful, friendly, sociable but also very stubborn.


Poodle is a very small mini dog breed, average 25-40cm high, weighing less than 5kg. They are ranked among the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. The Poodle is quite friendly, energetic, and sociable, so it is a popular dog. In Vietnam, this is the most popular dog type today.


Finally, the Japannese Spizt. A beautiful Japanese dog breed. The average weight is about 10kg. Occupying people's sympathy thanks to the playful, docile, intimate, proud and quite intelligent personality.

Japannese Spizt

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