Doberman-Bodyguard Dog For Your Home

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The Doberman Pinscher has a strong body, muscular development and a very tall and elegant figure. They are very alert, aggressive but especially loyal to their owners.

Doberman dog is ranked 5th in the top 100 smartest dog breeds in the world. The full name of this breed is Doberman Pinscher, named after the breeder of this breed. With a somewhat aggressive, strong personality, many families take care and train them to be effective guards for their homes. If you intend to keep Doberman Pinscher, let us learn about this powerful German dog!

The history of the origin of the Doberman:

According to records, Louis Dobermann is a tax collector living in Apolda Germany. When searching for a guard dog with him to work, he bred the Doberman. However, the name Doberman is due to his friend because this friend has followed the work of breeding Doberman dog. After that, he himself selected to improve the quality of the breed through the crossing of many different dog breeds to create the breed we know today: Doberman Pinscher. According to some studies, experts believe that this powerful breed was bred and descended from the breeds: German Pinscher, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Manchester Terriers ...

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Appearance characteristics:

Big but well proportioned, strong, muscular are the words that people use for the Doberman. The basis for a Doberman dog is a tall and well-proportioned physique. Therefore, they are very fast, durable and look very attractive, good looking. The special thing about this German dog is that it goes very fast, because it is tall so it looks very loose. The color of the coat is usually yellowish brown, light yellowish brown, black, blue, and red. The coat is short and sleek so it looks very athletic. Most people have ears removed by 7-9 weeks of age. Not every Doberman is born. Doberman's tail is longer than other dogs, but is also usually cut from birth. A perfect Doberman has a short tail.

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Dog personality Doberman:

People love Doberman because it is a loyal, adventurous friend, obedient, eager to learn, smart and very willing to take up the challenge. Most of them obeyed their masters but were sometimes bossy and sideways. Doberman's nature is timid by strangers, but to other strange dogs it is quite aggressive. They are very alert, capable of protecting well in case the owner knows and understands, considers it a friend.

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How to take care of Doberman dogs?

Doberman dogs are very fast and healthy so taking care of them is not difficult. They have virtually no genetic disease, with a lifespan of 10-12 years. If you have a Doberman, give him a daily physical and mental exercise to maintain his good health. Take it for a walk, let it run freely in space. Let it live comfortably in your family as a friend. Regarding the coat, you will not take much care because it is quite short and smooth.

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