Learn about Poodle dogs to gain knowledge before taking care of them

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Poodle dog is one of the most popular small dog breeds today because of its lovely and lovely appearance. The Poodle is considered by the breeders to be easy to raise and care for.

Lovely, adorable in appearance, intelligent in quality, again considered to be easy to raise and care for, so the Poodle is one of the favorite small dog breeds. most today. However, to keep your pet healthy and beautiful, prepare as much knowledge as possible about this breed. The following is the most basic information related to Poodle for your reference.

Poodle dog origin:

Poodle dog from 400 years ago has been popular as a favorite dog in Western Europe and up to now still arises from France, Germany or Denmark ... In terms of name, "Poodle" comes from "Pudel" in German. In Germany, this breed is hunted by hunters to hunt birds and catch fish on the lake because they have a thick layer of long covering all over the body, withstand the cold and swim very well. Coming to France, because this breed is smart, the French have trained and put them into circus, since then in France appeared the art form "Caniche".

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Describe your dog's appearance:

The medium-sized Poodle breeds and the most identifiable feature is the curly coat. The length of Poodle is approximately equal to the height from the shoulder blade. Ears near the head, always flat and long with the wavy coat. The front and back legs are well balanced with the body and tail always pointing up. Usually when born, the Poodle dog will be cut the tail in half to look more balanced with the profile. Their toes are slightly arched and the oval feet are small. Poodle skin is soft, elastic and pigmented. The Poodle's buttocks are round and not saggy, and the thighs are firm so their gait is very gentle and dancing. In terms of skin color, each dog will have a skin color that matches the coat color. Usually white fur, the skin will be silver and this color is the most popular. In addition, Poodle also has other colors, including black, gray, silver, sepia, chocolate brown, dairy cow, yellow apricot.

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Describe your dog's personality:

Poodle is one of the high ranked dog breeds for owner loyalty. They will be a very lovely companion, very easy to train and learn very quickly. However, do not let them perform the game of chasing or physical activity, but should only give them light and walking games. The Poodle barks a lot and has a rather irritable personality but is one of the smartest dogs, which meets the requirements of the owner. If loved in the afternoon, they will be very happy, energetic and enjoy playing with people. However, poodle dogs who are not often out to play will become shy and have negative signs such as barking, growling, or biting things ... Just spend a little time daily to Teaching and walking, the poodle will be very gentle and lively. But do not be too pampered because doing so will be difficult to say and when interacting with strangers and being angry, they may bite people because inherently Poodle is sensitive.

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Types of Poodle dogs:

Teacup Poodle: Teacup is not an official name but a way to express the smallness of this type of Poodle from pet traders. As the name implies, they are only as small as an orange and can slip into tea cups that look very cute and lovely. However, due to the small size, the resistance is also lower and so Teacup Poodle is easily at risk when suffering from diseases. Teacup prices are much higher than other lines, eating is also less but medical costs are very expensive. So Teacup is cute but not as popular as other sizes.

Tiny Poodle: Tiny is also one of the special breeds of Poodle because of its small appearance, when mature it only weighs about 3.5kg and is not taller than 20cm. Because of this cute, tiny, all have been transformed into warm girls very polite. Another identifiable feature is that Tiny has quite long ears, and in terms of personality, Tiny is as smart and lovely as other Poodle dogs.

Toy Poodle: Toy Poodle is a little bigger than Tiny Poodle with a maximum height of about 25cm and weighs about 4 - 5kg when mature.

Mini Poodle: The Mini Poodle is the Miniature poodle, 2 times the size of Toy with a height of about 40cm and a maximum weight of 9kg.

Standard Poodle: Standard is the largest family of Poodle family, although the height is no more than Mini size (from 40 - 50cm) but the weight is up to 30kg. Due to its large size, Mini and Standard are raised by pets as well as training to perform traditional jobs.

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Living conditions and activities of dogs Poodle:

Poodle can be raised in urban and rural areas in Vietnam as well as around the world. They are very easy to raise, only need someone to take care of them, daily care is enough, even without large space. However, you still need to take time for them to participate in outside activities and go for a walk so that they are always happy, agile, not shy.

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How to take care of a Poodle:

About nutrition: Poodle has a pretty intestinal system so they are often picky eaters and farmers need to focus on their diet by age as follows. From 1-2 months of age, only eat pureed porridge or soft-dried dried food grains, 4-5 small meals daily with warm milk and breast milk. From 3 to 6 months of age, switch to soft and easily digested foods such as chicken, beef, pork porridge ... After 6 months of age just eat 2-3 meals and increase the portion per meal, providing more foods rich in protein, calcium, protein, starch and fiber. Also note that things like: always available clean water for dogs (change 3 times / day) and should not give much milk; Do not eat foods that are too dry and hard or boney; do not eat large amounts of animal organs; salty, hot, or cold foods; feed the dog on time and be full; clean eating utensils after the dog is done eating; avoid excess food in the tray ...

Accommodation for Poodle: Poodle dogs are susceptible to colds when it is too hot or too cold, so it is necessary to make sure the place is always cool, clean, not wet. They are very susceptible to their diseases, pneumonia when cold, so in winter to keep warm their dog's body.

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How to clean dog fur Poodle:

With thick, curly and long fur, Poodle needs to be clean and meticulously cleaned daily. Specifically, once a week, take a shower, if it is cold, then once every 2 weeks with warm water. For a beautiful, odorless hair, take a warm bath with water to remove the dirt on them, then gently apply bath oil and massage the fur. Then rinse with warm water and apply conditioner to soften hair. Finally, rinse off the conditioner and wipe and dry.When the hair has been dried, use a special bristle brush to remove the remaining hairs (note that they must be dried thoroughly so they do not catch a cold). You can apply additional coconut oil to condition the dog to make the dog softer, more glossy. After a shower, make a small amount of warm milk or warm water for the dog to drink to warm himself.

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Common Poodle dog diseases:

Poodle dogs are inherently not physically good dogs, especially the small size. Therefore, they often suffer from respiratory diseases, hair, skin, joint and intestinal diseases. If not cleaned regularly, the poodle is very susceptible to skin diseases, dandruff flakes appear. In the winter, they are more susceptible to coughs, more severe than pneumonia and bronchial tablets, so keep them warm when it's cold. And especially, especially for puppies under 1 year of age, it is required to have enough vaccination shots for puppies (nose 5 diseases, nose 7 diseases) and periodic deworming according to the instructions of the animal doctor y.

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