Maltese Dog - A noble dog like a fairy

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The Maltese dog, or familiarly known as the Malta dog, is the oldest of the Toy species, loved throughout the world. Let's find out more about this noble dog!

Maltese is one of the aristocratic dog breeds in European countries, but few know this breed comes from working dog here. After the breeding process, Maltese became more petite, lovely and like a luxurious princess that everyone loved. Let's find out about this dog through the following article.

Origin of Maltese dog:

The homeland of the Maltese dog is the island nation of Malta located in the Mediterranean. But until the 15th century, they were famous in France. Under King Henry VIII, Maltese dogs were the most favored dog of the aristocracy as well as later British queens. The incident occurred in the seventeenth century, when breeders tried to make small dogs only by squirrels, losing the purest genetic resources, Maltese dogs stood on the brink of extinction. By many efforts to restore genes, Maltese boom in the United States since 1988.

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Appearence Maltese:

Malta dog has a lovely small shape, only less than 25 cm high, weight fluctuates 2 - 3 kg. There are even tiny Maltese boys, cute names are Tecup Maltese, height below 15 cm and weighing less than 1.5 kg. The four legs are short, straight, but mostly covered by thick fur. The most outstanding feature of Malta is the long coat always hanging down, white like snow, soft, thick "unique", making them no different from chubby cotton. The long tail is also covered with funny, ruffled feathers. Malta looks beautiful, lovely like a princess. Mal can adapt to all kinds of weather, especially cold climates, thanks to this warm fur coat.

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Maltese dog personality:

Looks are pretty, the radio is so, but Malta is extremely energetic, agile, friendly to everyone. Maltese dogs are inherently working dogs, inheriting a hard-working personality. Malta loves and tangerines its owners, they are passionate about caressing and peting. However, you should not be too pampered them, they will be pampered, become more stubborn. Malta dog is smart, docile, easy to train. Just a little tough, Mal will obey you very much. With his cute appearance and smiling eyes, he ensures Mal always sends positive energy to everyone around him.

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How to train and care for Maltese?

Proper care: Wipe Maltese face every day to avoid sticky, tarnished hair from tears. Caring for Malta's aristocratic white fur is not easy. Maltese dogs like to run and jump, so their fur is very dirty. Need to wipe them regularly, grooming carefully with a dedicated brush, to avoid getting tangled hair. Only bath for Maltese 2-4 times a month with shower gel for a smoother, softer, more thorough scrubbing on the ears, feet. After showering, dry immediately. Hot summers are a time when puppies are susceptible to heat stress due to their thick fur. So please trim a little to cool. Although it is a little regret for the beauty of the real fur, but rest assured, they will regrow soon.

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Daily diet: Although easy to communicate, but this breed is difficult to eat. They are quite picky eaters, so you need to build a scientific menu. For babies under 2 months of age, should only feed ground meat porridge and milk. At the stage of development and maturity, it is necessary to provide the necessary nutrients. Take care not to overfeed them, they will get fat. Maltese dogs love beef, fish, and liver pate. Do not let them eat bones, fatty foods, ...

Daily training: Take Maltese for a walk regularly, about 30 minutes each time for them to release energy in the body, combining physical exercises such as catching the ball, chasing, ... Do not let them in home for too long, because the Malta Dog will easily be autistic. Fully vaccinated because looking at the very small, weak Maltese.

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