Boxer dogs - brave and proud fighters

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Boxer dog also known as Boxer dog is a line of breeds of Bulldog and German dog. They have the same name as boxing because of their distinctive appearance. Their legs have white rings like boxers wearing gloves, and the habit of using the two front legs as boxers especially during combat.

Boxer dog, or boxer dog, is a "warrior" dog. Boxer is famous for being strong, friendly and loyal. They were raised as guard dogs, house guards and "fighting dogs" in the late 19th century. Today, Boxer dogs are raised very popular as pets in many countries around the world. The following article will help you better understand this dog.

Boxer dog origin:

The origin of this breed is the Bulldog with two German dog lines, the Barenbaiser and the bullenbeiszer. In the past, Boxer dogs' ancestors were often raised to raise cattle and protect the fortresses. In addition, they are also used to make sled dogs and hunt bulls. Despite their ancestors being German dogs, they were bred and officially separated into a separate breed in England and their names are also derived from boxing matches in the UK. Thanks to their superior sense of smell and sight, they are often used in things related to the police, the military, the health, the guard and the guard ...

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Appearance characteristics of the Boxer dog:

When hearing about the name boxer dog (boxer dog) made us imagine the appearance of this dog. Their head is fairly square, lower jaw longer than upper jaw and slightly protruding. The eyes of the boxer are round and jet-black. Their snouts are quite large, often black and have very sharp hearing, they can sniff and look for traces so they are often used as a professional dog. Their teeth are tight, moderately large ears can stand up to listen but often hang down to cover half of the cheeks. Their bodies are very tough, trapezoidal and tapering towards the tail, giving them a strong appearance, with very toned muscles. They have quite a lot of fur colors but mostly yellowish white, brownish white in addition to a number of other colors. Because it was bred for the purpose of fighting dogs, the boxer was very muscular, toned, and neat with a short and neat coat. They are quite tall compared to the dogs of the same weight line with the height of the male from 55 to 65cm, weighing from 25 to 30 kg while the female is slightly smaller, 52 to 60 cm tall and weighing from 25 to 30 kg . Their average life span ranges from 10 to 15 years. Boxers' dogs have tails but are usually truncated before 2 months.

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Personality traits:

As a sports dog, Boxer is very active and agile, but their characteristics are quite stubborn and stubborn, so the owner must train the boxer when they are small. Despite being stubborn and looking quite fierce, but boxers quite love people and especially they love children. They have a habit of jumping up and using the front legs to hug others and are nicknamed boxers dogs from this habit. This is due to their ancestors who had been trained to fight like boxers since the 19th century. Although they were boxer dogs, the boxer was quite gentle, persistent, persistent and always knew. how to protect its owner. While boxers are a stubborn and stubborn dog, they are smart and learn new things fairly quickly. They are always active, playful, hyperactive, always curious about new things, fun and especially attached to their owners. Boxer is very disciplined, they always want to do everything in the best way possible so they are often trained in dog competitions.

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How to take care of dogs Boxer:

Living space: Before raising a Boxer dog you should prepare them a reasonable living space. They can live in a confined environment, but it's best to keep them in a spacious environment with their own space to practice. Avoid areas that are too hot or too cold.

Health care: If you do not regularly go out to practice sports, the boxer is very passive, and slow. Their fur is short and easy to clean, they also have the habit of regularly cleaning their fur like cats so you do not need to bathe your boxer regularly. Bathing for only 1-2 weeks / time is enough. They also shed very little, and of course only shed a lot when they change their seasoning. Boxer is quite healthy and has few illnesses. However, if they are bred with non-pure breeds, they show many diseases such as blood diseases, vision impairment, and many cases of boxer deafness due to crossbreeding. Even if the dog you want to buy is not deaf, you should not buy because it is possible that their next generation will be deaf due to non-purebred breeding. Boxer also has some respiratory protection problems, such as when he is physically active or produces wheezing and snoring sounds like humans.

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