French bulldog - Things to know about the french bulldog

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French bulldog - also known as "french bulldog" (English name is French Bulldog): this is a breed of French origin. They are bred for ornamental and human companionship.

The French Bulldog, French Bulldog or some also called the French Pug, is a new breed that appeared around the second half of the 19th century. Favorite period. To be able to choose the right French bull dog, you need to have knowledge of this french bulldog. And today's article, will help you learn about the characteristics, how to raise, choose to buy purebred bull dogs.

Identification characteristics of purebred French bull breeds:

French bull dogs are highly appreciated for their lovely appearance, their energetic and agile nature but not too curious. If you first encounter them, you may feel frightened by their appearance, but in reality, the french bulldog is very approachable and friendly. French bulldog looks quite sturdy, sturdy and neat. But in fact they are quite small in size (about 30 cm high and weighing about 9-14kg). The french bulldog has quite a large and upright pair. The muzzle is flat, the forehead is round and the nose flat and upturned. The head is flat and lower than the English bull.

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How to raise french bull dogs:

French bulldog dogs are one of the breeds that are easy to keep, as they eat an extremely mixed breed. You can have a variety of food sources for them and they can be eaten several times a day. However, due to its physical inactivity, French bull dogs are very susceptible to obesity and therefore life expectancy will be significantly reduced. Therefore, farmers need to pay attention to a reasonable diet and take them hard to walk, run to keep the body in the best state. Do not give them to places where the temperature is too high or too low, because they are very susceptible to respiratory diseases. When you want to breed or breed a bulldog, you need to pay attention to the time of their birth for timely intervention. Because this breed is often very difficult to give birth due to the size of the puppy's head, it is quite necessary to have an experienced veterinarian's intervention.

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Personality of the French Bull dog:

Unlike the English Bulldog, who is very lazy and active, the French Bull is very cheerful and mischievous, they love to run, play, and are very friendly with children. They are also very emotional dogs, they like to stay indoors, prefer to be with their owners and love to be stroked and stroked, they will reward "pity" if left alone for too long. The French Bull is very gentle, never bites a person unless someone jokes too long. They are also good watchdogs, although not aggressive, but they are very alert, often barking loudly when strangers enter the house. French Bulls are quite stubborn so it's a little difficult to train, you have to train them from an early age with a loving attitude and keep them happy.

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