Alaskan Malamute dog and things to know

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The Alaskan Malamute is a wild snow dog that has been domesticated by the Malamute tribe. Alaska dogs are very closely related to the Husky Sibir and Samoyed.

Alaska is one of the dogs with large shape but gentle nature, friendly should be adopted by the breeder as well as the community of pet lovers. You are intending to raise Alaskan dogs, please prepare the basic knowledge about them.

Origin of Alaska dog:

Alaskan Malamute or Alaska Malamute or Mahlemuts is one of the sled dogs in Kotzebue Bay, Alaska. The people here have nourished and trained them to work towing in the cold weather. Later, when this land became a state of the United States of America, Alaska automatically became an animal of the United States.

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Physical characteristics of Alaskan dogs:

Their average height is from 63.5 cm to 68.5 cm. Particularly, the Giant can be up to 70cm tall and the weight can be up to 75kg. The reason Alaska was chosen as a sled dog because of their very large legs and muscular, high skeleton, especially the leg bone and leg joints are very developed. Their fur is extremely thick, soft and the color varies from belly to spine and face. If the abdomen is white, the backbone will become darker and the face will be divided into white patches. Like the Husky, in order to adapt to the cold Arctic cold, Alaska has two layers of fur: the long outer coat is waterproof and the short coat is soft and fluffy like wool. Their eyes are defined by the color of their hair and are usually brown, black, and blue eyes. Their eyes are almond shaped and especially have fluffy ears. Talking about the coat, perhaps Alaska is one of the dogs that owns the most beautiful fur, especially the long and loose tail, but that is why the owner must invest a lot of time to care for their fur. In terms of coat color, they also have a variety of coat colors similar to Husky but are mainly white gray, mink gray with white, black and white and even the whole white body. Although the coat color is different, the four legs and muzzle are always white.

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Personality characteristics of Alaskan dogs:

Alaska is considered one of the smartest dog breeds. Their personality as said, very gentle, obey the owner, love children and always in harmony with other pets. Inherently intelligent, Alaka is always in a curious position to explore and very active, they can go very far and still find their way back. In the host family, due to herding behavior, Alaska often considered the owner a leader and always obeyed all orders, ready to protect the owner. It is also because of herding behavior that you need to allow them to do their favorite things like running and jumping in open places.

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Alaska living conditions and care:

You should only raise Alaska when your home is spacious or the area you have open yard to let them exercise, run and jump regularly. In addition, it is important to ensure Alaska's living conditions, that is, pay attention to weather conditions. With the thick coat in summer in Vietnam, Alaska needs to ensure the cool surrounding temperature to avoid heat stroke. When deciding whether to raise Alaska or any other pet, you must first clean to ensure their health and ensure the health of the family. Especially with a dog with thick and regular hair loss like Alaska, it needs better hygiene. Every day you need to clean their cages, shelters and eating bowls to avoid diseases caused by dirty living environments. Especially their sleeping place must be cool in summer and warm in winter. About the diet, puppies under 1 year of age need to eat 3-4 meals a day and then when mature, it only needs 2 meals and a light meal. Their food includes lean meat, pasty rice and vegetables, and the addition of foods high in calcium such as duck eggs, chicken neck ... Be careful not to feed the dog fishy, ​​salty and fatty foods. because it's not good for their intestines.

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Types of Alaskan Dog Diseases:

Due to its own characteristics, Alaska often has its own diseases. Especially because of the thick coat, they are prone to skin and fur diseases such as parasitic lice on the fur, flea parasites on the skin. In particular, Alaska is also prone to eyeworm disease caused by two types of worms, Thelazia californieensis and T. Allipaeda, parasitic in the cornea. The disease is very dangerous because it can cause conjunctivitis and even damage their eyes. In addition, due to cadida albican yeast, Alaska is very susceptible to stomatitis. At this time they will feel pain, discomfort in the mouth leading to anorexia.

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