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Dogs are very close and familiar with humans. They are very smart and agile.

Husky dog ​​is one of the pet with large size but gentle personality, lovely and especially extremely expressive face should be loved by many people, want to own this pet right to be a companion. So if you are planning to raise a Husky, learn about this pet right here.

The origin of the Husky dog:

According to research documents, the Husky originated in northeastern Siberia, Russia. This is the land that produced many famous dog species and then they were brought to the American Alaska lands. From here, this breed was bred to work, sled because they have the ability to run very fast and strong. However, after that the people here did not raise husky for that purpose, but instead adopted it as a domestic pet. Until now, Husky is still classified as the typical pet of Siberian land.

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Husky dog ​​form characteristics:

As one of the sled dogs with Alaska, Sammoyed, Husky has very thick and long fur. Many uninformed people often confuse Husky and Alaska because the shape looks quite similar. However, a closer look will reveal that Husky has a smaller shape. Husky has many colors and the most common are black and white, reddish brown, gray, pink, white and "agouti". Although there are many colors, most of the hairs in parts such as the legs, snout, tail end are usually white.

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The eye color of the Husky dog:

The husky eyes are almond shaped slightly slanted and set well apart. Looking into their eyes gave off a wild, cold look like wild wolves. Husky's eye color is very diverse, the most common is brown, blue, amber, green, light green, brown ... Even many have 2 eyes of 2 colors or have many eyes. The blend of half green and half brown looks very special.

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Special coat structure of Husky dog:

Husky fur is made up of 2 very thick layers because of their origin from the harsh cold land. The inner coat is light, thick and fluffy, while the outer coat is longer, stiffer and more straight. The outer coat can have 2 colors, so when looking at them can see 1 area of ​​fur changes from white to black and then white again.

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Husky dog ​​personality traits:

Unlike the image of a wicked, fierce wolf like in the movies, husky has a completely opposite character to their appearance. Maybe you will be scared of seeing them but it will be very surprising when their personality is very gentle and friendly with people. Husky is very obedient to his master and quite intelligent. Husky raising families often consider them as family members because they live very affectionately with their owners and are especially fond of children. Being very strong, husky loves to go out and run, so every day farmers have to give them about 2 hours of knife and exercise to enjoy and feel the interest.

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