Top 3 Famous Dog Breeds

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Dogs are adorable animals and they are very intelligent. They are close to humans and are especially loyal, so they are pets that are loved by many people

Possessing a lovely appearance with a unique expressive wrinkled face, a bulldog is sought after by many pet lovers. Among the most popular dog breeds, it is impossible not to mention the 3 famous names below:

Pug dogs are extremely familiar names to those who love this breed of dog in the world. This breed always gives a deep impression upon first contact. Pug dogs are actually very intelligent and active. In addition, Pug dogs are also eager to learn and obey so training them is not difficult. Not only human friendly, this breed is extremely well suited to other pets in the house.

Pug Dog

The second name mentioned on this list is the French Bull. Possessing a chubby short body with erect ears, flattened nose and wrinkled lines forming a funny "chin", Bull France is likened to extremely cute funny frogs. The French Bull is famous for being lively, funny and likes to make people laugh around.

French Bull Dog

The British Bull (also known as the British Bull) is a medium-sized dog that has a long history in the UK. They possess a strong muscular body, with a saggy face that looks quite fierce. But unlike the unapproachable appearance, Bull Anh is the gentle and friendly dog. They like to play with children and become trusted and loyal friends in families. This breed is "lazy" and not fussy about its living environment, so it is easy to raise.

British Bull Dog


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