Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world

06/01/2020 | Mr SH 630 view
Dogs are known to be loyal friends and companions with you and your family. In many cases they can also become nannies because they are very smart and cold. Many famously intelligent dogs, they seem to be able to understand our words, orders and actions.

Dogs are loyal friends of humans and are the most popular pets. We may think the dogs are no different but that is a mistake. In fact, some species are particularly smarter than others due to their genetic characteristics. Here are the dogs that are rated as the smartest along with some basic information about them:

Border Collie Dog

Poodle Dog

Berger Dog

Golden Retriever Dog

Doberman Pinscher Dog

Shetland Dog

Retriever Labrador Dog

Papillon Dog

Rottweiler Dog

Australian Cattle Dog


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