The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

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Dogs are human's most favorite pet. They are like friends even like family members. They are cute, so small dog breeds are always the first choice.

The small dogs are not only lovely, but also suitable for the conditions of many families, especially in the city. If you are wondering whether to choose the right dog breed, please refer to the article below:

The Pomeranian is the first name when it comes to the cutest miniature dog breeds today. They own a tiny appearance, smooth ruffled fur, glitter eyes and an irresistible lovely face.

Pomeranian  Dog

Pug dogs have extremely funny looks and are very popular in the pet world. They are extremely smart and adorable.

Pug Dog

Poodle is a popular pet dog breed. They have small size, cute face, diverse hair color, easy to care for. In addition, Poodle is a very intelligent and loyal dog, worthy of being a great companion of every family.

Poodle Dog

Dachshund is a dog that receives a lot of love from pet lovers. They have a very special body, with a long body but four legs extremely short, looks like a sausage. This breed is very intelligent, likes to play and be affectionate.

Dachshund Dog

Pomeranian is a very famous small dog breed, they are attracted by their small, funny appearance.

Pomeranian Dog

The Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest dog breed in the world. The most valuable dogs in this category are small in weight. They have round heads, a short muzzle and lovely dark eyes. Moreover, Chihuahua is very smart and extremely easy to raise.

Chihuahua Dog





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