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Are you looking to learn about the Papillon dog breeds to see if they are suitable for me, let me learn more about this extremely beautiful dog!

Surely looking at the image above you also understand why this dog is called Papillon already? Papillon in French means "butterfly". The little dog has very butterfly-like ears. With a cute tiny shape, and extremely interesting personality traits, the Papillon Dog has caught the eye of many pet enthusiasts. The following is information about this beautiful dog. Join us to find out.

Papillon dog origin:

Discovered about 700 years ago, Papillon is one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. We can come across them in the works of famous painters. Appearing in Italy from the 13th to 15th centuries, during the Renaissance period, descended from the tiny Spaniel family with names such as Spaniel Dwarf, Squirrel Dog, which was later bred and perfected by French breeders to There are notes for the present beautiful butterflies. Smart, agile, this dog has been popular with European royalty. To date, Papillon is among the top 10 smartest dogs in the world.

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Dog personality and appearance:

Appearance characteristics: Papillon has a beautiful and elegant appearance, with a long tail and soft, fluttering feathers on its back. This is a small, short-appearance dog, only about 20-25 cm high, 35-40 cm long, weighing only from 3-5 kg. Papillon wears a long, ruffled but very smooth coat, red, black or triangular on a white background, chestnut eel, dark yellow or milky white, looks extremely attractive, seductive. With this coat, the owner needs to groom regularly to avoid tangles. The head is large, the muzzle wide and short, almost attached to the nose. Papillon has a special white hair on his small nose. Big eyes, black or dark brown. The legs are short. The most special thing is the long ears like two beautiful butterfly wings pointing to the sides.

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Personality traits: Papillon is one of the 10 smartest dogs so it is easy to train, even difficult games: circus performance, entertainment, ... This butterfly dog ​​is extremely funny, energetic, friendly, affectionate and like toying. They like outdoor activities, like running and jumping in a fun, spacious space because the energy source is inversely proportional to the small shape outside, this can be demonstrated through the ability to respect hiking. aquí! They like to be stroked, cuddled. They cherish their owners and have a certain alertness towards strangers. Papillon will be very friendly to other animals if played from a young age.

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How to take care of a Papillon dog:

Because of poor digestive system, susceptible to intestinal diseases, respiratory, oral, should pay attention to dental check for them regularly offline. Brush Papillon's dog twice a week to ensure that he has clean and shiny teeth. Periodically take your dog to vaccinations, deworming, fluke. Any dog ​​needs to be clean, right? So, you should bathe your dog once a week, after bathing, dry or dry, brush the coat. Avoid getting wet, as this is the risk of mycosis and skin disease. In order for this beautiful dog to develop its best, you need to favor them in a cool, clean, not wet, well-cushioned place and regularly clean the house to fight off parasitic diseases. infected.

Meal: Puppies aged 1-2 months should eat minced meat porridge and cooked vegetables, divided into 4-5 small meals a day. Babies 3 - 6 months old can eat more foods, but make sure the menu provides enough nutrients for babies, avoiding bones and dry, hard foods that are harmful to Papillon's weak intestines. . From 6 months on, Papillon dogs eat 2-3 meals a day. You can consider including a diet of a hard-boiled chicken egg for your dog's health. Omega - 3 is the panacea if you want your puppy to have a shiny, soft and beautiful coat. Limit fat-containing foods because they're harmful to Papillon's sensitive knees.

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