Newfoundland dog - rescue dog from Canada

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Dogs are very intelligent and human friendly animals. They are like friends as well as gatekeepers loyal to humans.

Newfoundland origin:

Coming from the beautiful Canadian island of Newfoundland, that's why this dog was born. In addition, Newfoundland also has another name is Newfie, which is the result of the breeding of indigenous wolf breed and giant clam dog. Perhaps that is why the Newfoundland is very similar to the Tibetan clam. Newfoundland was raised by ancient people to make rescue dogs in the North Sea.

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Appearence Newfoundland:

With a large, toned body, people often favored the "Tibetan mastiff from Canada". The impressive thing you'll notice from the first time you meet them is ruffled, 2-layer thick coat: soft undercoat, long outer coat, waterproof feature due to its climate origin. cold northern hemisphere. Thanks to this coat, they are able to adapt to the most extreme temperatures, which also deceives the "eyes" of the viewer. Excessive roughness on the outer layer of a warm coat makes their body much larger than the actual size. Available in a variety of colors: brown, black, yellow, white - black, gray. White spots usually appear on the chest, feet and tip of the tail.

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Newfoundland dog characteristics:

Looks big but Newfoundland Dog is extremely gentle, gentle, loving children, friendly, sociable with other animals. Despite being teased, Newfie would never attack the children. The kids will make them great friends. Newfie has a knack for working endurance, perseverance and endurance. They are agile, intelligent, easy to train. It looks so fierce, everyone is afraid, so the house looks extremely effective, giving you an absolute confidence in this powerful assistant when guarding. Not only that, they are also capable of towing, sniffing or retrieving.

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How to nurture and care for Newfoundland:

This giant body needs a spacious living space, so they can travel conveniently and comfortably. In the development stage, Newfoundland needs a scientific diet, providing adequate nutrients. Offer them low-fat foods, fiber, vitamins, etc. or cereals, oats. Newfie is not allowed to eat red meat, hard food, bones, fast food, causing obstruction of the digestive tract. Keep them moving regularly by walking, practicing physical exercises.

In addition, you need to regularly check and clean your ears, eyes, teeth, toenails to prevent disease, detect the disease and treat it promptly. Health is so, once Newfie is sick, the ability to cure is very difficult. The issues you need to pay attention to are thermal shock, gastric torsion ... Although treated, they are also sensitive to anesthetics, making it difficult for the veterinarian to treat. So, get your dog fully vaccinated, improve resistance.

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