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Malinois dogs are the favorite names of pet lovers. They are suitable for rearing in families. This breed is motile, intelligent, confident, supple and easy to teach.

A beautiful Belgian Malinois Becgie requires you to be knowledgeable about this breed. The malinois is a Belgian shepherd dog, tall and not very big but not small. They are suitable for rearing in families. This breed is motile, intelligent, confident, supple and easy to teach. And the article below will provide you with some necessary information about them.

The origin of the Belgian Malinois Becgie:

The Becgie Malinois is a fairly similar German shepherd dog, belonging to the Belgian Shepherd group, but the Belgian dog breed usually has a black muzzle so it is often called the Black Muzzle Becgie. They are on the same table as other sheepdogs like Lakenois, tervuren and Groenendael. The Malinois is quite easy to train and instruct, so it is often chosen to train as a sports dog. The Malinois is a very strong breed of dog, they can perform important tasks such as tracing, participating in search and rescue, security tasks as well as protection and guard. With their great sense of smell, they can detect flammable chemicals, drugs and criminal searches. Besides German Becgie, the Malinois is becoming the most popular business dog in the world.

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Characteristics of the Belgian Malinois Becgie:

In general, the Belgian Malinois is a mid-range dog, they have a smaller body than the German Becgie. Males as adults can grow from 61 to 66 cm with a weight of 25 to 30 kg, the female is a little smaller, 56 to 61 cm high and weigh from 20 to 25 kg. Malinois comes in many colors, but the most common are black and gold. Through breeding, they have other colors such as ash brown, example, red and dark brown .... The hair of the Malinois is shorter than the German Becgie, which makes it easier to clean and tidy. The easiest way to identify the Belgian Malinois Becgie is through the ears of this dog, the ears are quite large and thin, after 6 months they will stand up, their heads are mostly black. The teeth of this breed are also very regular and tight, especially their teeth are very strong due to the fondness of keeping things in the mouth safely. The tail of this breed is very long and strong.


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Care and habitat of the Belgian Malinois Becgie:

Malinois are quite easy to raise, adapt to many different farming environments including small spaces in small families. With the coat easy to clean and care for, you just need to bathe them when necessary as well as grooming them with a twisted comb. Malinois have water-resistant coats on their fur so you don't need to shower them too often. They molt their hair the most twice a year, and shed quite a bit. Becgie Malinois is a sporty dog, so they need a lot of exercise, they like to walk every day and because they are sheepdogs, they often exhibit the instinct to graze cattle like crank and chase other subjects. The average age of Malinois is 12-14 years old with a reproductive age of 6-10 puppies. They have good resistance so they rarely encounter health problems, but they still encounter health problems like other dogs such as allergies, eye problems and sometimes excessive aggression. with other breeds of dogs and pets, the owner can control them.

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