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The Labrador Retriever, also known as the Labrador retriever, is a fairly well-bred breed in the United States, often bred by native peoples to prey on their owners during hunting.

The Labrador Retriever is listed as a hunting dog, but in fact the Labrador retriever is very gentle, friendly and approachable. They are raised quite a lot thanks to their patient and kid-friendly characteristics, with good sniffing properties, smart faces, and easy-to-teach children, so they are also raised for search and rescue and security purposes. Let's have a look at this dog to learn more about this breed!

The origin of the Labrador Retriever:

Labrador is a breed for releasing prey to its owner, the name Labrador in Portuguese means "worker". In the past, they were often raised by Portuguese and Newfoundland fishermen. They are very energetic, easy to train, adorable and very reliable, especially Labrador is very friendly with children, easy to approach and always likes to be with humans. It is these advantages that make Labrador the dog beloved by many American families and regarded as a family member. The origin of the Labrador retriever is the Newfoundland in Canada. They are trained by the fishermen here. Labrador is very cold resistant because they often jump from aboard fishermen into cold water and pull nets to help fishermen. In the 1800s they were chosen by British merchant convoys to bring them back to England. And here they are trained to become the current Labrador retriever.

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Characteristics of Labrador Retriever:

Labrador is divided into two main lines: American Labrador and British Labrador. Personality, English Labrador is often more relaxed and calm than American Labrador. When grown up Labrador weighs about 27 to 34 kg and height from 55-60cm with males while females lighter, about 25 to 32 kg and height from 52 to 58 cm. Labrador has many colors, but mainly silver, gold, black, and chocolate ... Their fur is a double layer coat that is waterproof, odorless and hypoallergenic with the respiratory system. Labrador's jaws are very strong to release. Their eyes are usually only 2 brown and chestnut.

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Personality of the Labrador Retriever:

As mentioned above, Labrador has a very gentle, cheerful personality and loves to be close to humans including children. They are smart, easy to obey, so quite easy to train. In addition to their ability to smell, they are also trained to support the blind and disabled. Like other dog breeds, the Labrador retriever is a free breed, so it should not be leashed. They are fairly calm at work assigned by people. When they lose contact with their owners, they will not panic or fear but will continue to perform the work that their employer had previously ordered.

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Labrador dog care:

Labrador is not afraid of cold and very rarely get sick. They can walk outdoors even when the temperature drops to -30 degrees. Labrador is quite easy to eat, they can eat foods high in protein, protein, fat or nuts. In particular they are very greedy so you should adjust their diets so that they are of sufficient quality and quantity. Because Labrador is a hunting dog, Labrador loves running and sports, you should take them out to exercise regularly. Let them play games such as catching a disc, catching a ball, swimming ... to do all the physical training.

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Health and disease is common in Labrador:

Labrador strain is very healthy so there are few diseases, but they also suffer from common diseases like other dogs such as allergies, stomach torsion, flatulence ... Therefore, raising Labrador is not too difficult. Even taking care of a Labrador retriever makes people excited because it is very cute and easy to keep.

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