How To Train Your Puppy To Listen To The Word

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Dogs are a familiar pet to most of us. It attracts by lovely appearance. Above all it is very smart and obedient.

A dog is a very loyal animal. They are adorable animals and bring lots of joy to humans. However, in order to train obedient puppies, it takes a lot of effort and perseverance from you. So how can we train our puppies to obey, the following article will give you the necessary information:

We humans need names to distinguish one person from another. So do your dogs, they have names to know who they are. When they remember their names, you will be easier to train. First, choose a nice and interesting name for them. But it should be short and easy to remember. Then read the dog's name aloud and clearly at the same time looking directly at the dog. Keep doing this until you just name them and look at you.After your dog has memorized his name, you can start training him. And this is a very basic command that many people apply and succeed at home.

Things to know when training puppies?

When training anything, you need consistent statements. Do not use many commands during a dog training routine. Absolutely do not beat and scold if they do not listen to you. Be calm and patient. Apply the command wherever you can. For example, when walking with them, you can name and order your dog to come to you.

Puppy training 

Train The Puppy To Sit Down

This is an easy command. The puppies will most likely do this. This command is great for training dogs later because when they sit still, the lessons will become softer instead of running or jumping heartlessly. To do that, follow these instructions: first use the bait in this stage. Remember to choose the dish that your dog loves the most. Stand in front of the dog and place the bait right in front of their nose and begin to sit down. Usually the dog will jump to grab the food. But instruct dogs not to do so, but to sit down by raising the bait towards the top of the head, lure higher than their nose.When you see them sit down, immediately reward and praise them. Repeatedly accompanied by a sitting command every day. Then use your hand instead of the bait as before. Put your hand in front of the dog, move your hand exactly as you did in the previous stage and order sitting. Finally, once the dog has become accustomed to the manual sitting command, move on to this stage by using the sitting command.

Train the puppy to sit down

Puppy Lying Training

After the puppies have learned to sit down, you can train them to do the following: Make a sitting command with the dog. When the dog is seated, you begin to lie down by shouting "down" or "lying down" and gently press down on the dog's shoulders, pulling their front paws as if submitting to the owner. Please execute this command repeatedly. Once your dog is accustomed to and has a command to lie down, get away from them. If they run, go back and remind them to lie down. When the dog lies down and you continue away. If they don't follow, reward and praise them.

Puppy lying training

Train Your Puppy To Stand Still

Training your puppies to stand still aims to create a focus for them. You also need this time and patience to teach them. Stand in front of them and say "right still". If they do, reward and praise them. Repeat this command repeatedly.

Train your puppy to stand still




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