Characteristics of the Boston Terriers

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The Boston Terrier, or the Bull Boston, is popular with hobbyists because of their polite nature. Is it right for you?

Pet dogs are the most sought after and most favorite pet. They are smart and agile and have an attractive appearance. And the Boston Terrier is one of them. They are considered true gentlemen of America.

The origin of the Boston Terrier:

Dubbed as American gentlemen, they are actually originally from the UK. The name Boston is taken from their hometown - Boston, Massachusetts. This breed is the result of the breeding process of the British Bull and the British White Terrier in the 1960s. This species ancestor weighs up to 20 kg. They are the first dog breed to appear in the United States, so there is a special place in the hearts of the people of this country.

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Body Shape Boston Terrier Dog:

Boston Terriers have an extremely strong appearance but are slightly short, with short backs. The muscular system develops with the enlarged chest arch, making the body more firm. Four legs upright, stately posture. Their tails are short, not truncated. The Boston Terrier has a square head that has a large oval, arched arch and flat forehead. The muzzle is short and slightly to the sides. The nose is small, flat black. Their teeth are rather heady, but the lower jaw is rather bulky. The eyes are large, round, slightly protruding. The two long, small triangle ears are always upright. The cheekbones and eye sockets are clearly visible. Boston wears a short, soft coat, always mixes diverse, attractive colors: from seals, combined white, black and white to brown white.

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The Boston Terrier can live in both cities and countryside because of its adaptive nature. Unlike other dogs who like to run and play, Boston is passive in the house. Boston terrier has a lively personality, always playful and adorable with everyone, especially extremely fond of children. Because of their inherent intelligence, they are easy to train and absorb quickly. Boston is confident of itself, they show no cooperation with those who find them not assertive enough to train them. The reason is called "gentleman" by the polite character that Boston has, never ruining furniture. They have a hobby of playing football and throwing rings.

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How to nurture Boston Terrier?

Although Boston is quite "lazy", but still need to go for a walk and do some physical exercises to keep the shape of your dog! When playing, Boston returned to a dynamic, playful form. The smooth, short coat of the "American gentleman" does not require the owner to care too much. Bathe only when you feel they are too dirty and start to smell, occasionally brushing your hair with a special brush to make the hair more shiny. However, the face must be cleaned every day with a cloth and clean eyes - sensitive parts susceptible to infections. Also, check the condition of the ears and clean them. Pruning the foundation for Boston to travel easily and more conveniently. Clean teeth 2-3 times a week to avoid bad breath.

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