British Mastiff - the world's heaviest giant

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Dogs are the most popular pet today. They become pets because of their attractive appearance and sincerity.

English mastiffs (also known as English Mastiffs) with a small figure, anyone who looks at them will think they are fierce, right? But you are wrong. If you want to know more then join me to learn more about English clams!

History of English Mastiff dog:

The British Mastiff naturally originated from England more than 2,500 years ago. The ancestor of the British clam is the Molosser dog - a large Tibetan dog like a lion. But there is another source: British mastiffs were first seen on October 25, 1415, when England and France were fighting fiercely, alongside their dying owner, the Mastiff. risked their lives to fight the enemy for the safety of General Piers. The dog was taken to the United Kingdom, then bred by the Legh noble family at Lyme Hall castle in the Cheshire region.

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English Mastiff dog appearance:

The English Mastiff has a "bulky" body. They are the heaviest dog in the world. Sturdy, muscular body with a height of 69 - 76 cm, weight from 68 - 72 kg. The back is long and the legs high and firm. The English Mastiff has a short, thick and relatively straight coat of a variety of colors: fawn, apricot, silver or brindle ... The tail is elongated or upturned whenever. The life expectancy of an English mastiff lasts 10 to 12 years. Being a large dog, they are more susceptible to hip or coronary dysplasia, stomach cramps, lower eyelids, retinal atrophy, even dangerous heart-related diseases.

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Dog Mastiff's personality:

In the past, they were raised as dogs, to protect castles and farms for British people. English Mastiff has a completely opposite personality to the body they own. Big, giant, fierce like that, but the English clam is quiet, gentle, not aggressive and does not cause disturbance for everyone. They rarely bark, which are excellent watch dogs. They silently, quietly do the work but extremely effective and confident. When they catch an intruder, they will crush them down without even attacking or biting. This breed is extremely affectionate, silently showing affection to its owner. The loyal, obedient, obedient, devoted, courageous giant deserves your "big" puppy.

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How to train and care for dogs English Mastiff:

The clam's gigantic body needs a spacious, unobstructed living space. Train the English Mastiff with a gentle and persistent attitude that combines the gestures of love, caressing, and encouragement, because they are sometimes quite stubborn. Scolding them only makes things worse, because when the English clams become sad, angry or even attack you again. Take them for a walk combining exercise, regular exercise, about 2 hours a day because the body is so big that it needs to release a lot of energy. Not only that, you need them socialized from an early age. Do not leave this dog alone for more than 8 hours!

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Develop a scientific, nutritious diet by dividing the meals of the day into a large plump, which will lead to swelling of the body. Should be added with protein, fiber but low in fat, not dry and avoid causing digestive disorders. This breed often sheds its hair in the spring and fall. So, you just need to brush and bathe your dog from time to time, preferably once a week. Dental hygiene for them 2-3 times / week with a dedicated brush to remove bacteria.

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