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Australian Cattle Dogs are the ancestors of the first cattle breeds raised by farmers in Australia.

The Australian Cattle Dog is an ancestor of cattle breeds first raised by farmers in Australia. They have many names such as: Queensland Heeler; Austrialian Heeler; Blue Heeler or Hall’s Heeler. They are known worldwide as one of the 10 highest IQ dog lines in the world.

Origin of Australian Cattle Dog:

Australian Cattle Dogs have been brought to Australia by European immigrants from the 19th century. They are raised for the purpose of grazing and protecting cattle on their farms. The ancestor of the Australian shepherd is the smooth-haired Collie. After many generations of breeding, a new breed of cow dog was introduced in Australia. They gradually separated from the Collie and were recognized as a new breed by crossing the Collie and the native Dingo in Australia, and then being bred with other dogs, the Kelpie. a different shepherd breed in Australia) and the Bull Terrier (Bull) ... Through a long process of genetic selection, the breed has been combined with all the advantages of the above dogs with the toughness, good shepherd. cattle, withstand the harsh conditions of Australia, strong, smart and very obedient.

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Appearance characteristics of Australian Cattle Dog:

In terms of appearance, the Australian cow dog is listed as a mid-range dog. Males weigh from 17-24kg and height from 45-50cm while females are slightly smaller. The Australian herding dog inherits all of the traits inherited by the ancestors of Collie as a two-layer coat. They have a long coat to protect against water and snow, while the shorter coat inside helps keep the body warm. The Australian shepherd has quite a lot of colors because they are bred through many breeds but the dominant color is yellow and dark gray ... Their ears are triangular and always standing upright to listen to all things around. Their tails often hang down, but when there is a change in their appearance, such as stimulation or stimulation, they often erect their tail. Their teeth are quite sharp and strong.

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Personality traits of Australian Cattle Dog:

The advantage of this breed is that it has a natural talent for leading cattle, is very skillful, intelligent, easy to teach and especially very obedient to the orders of the owner. The Australian shepherds are very intelligent, they are easy to teach but also quickly boring. They are very active, very alert and extremely loyal. Because of its intelligence and docility, Australian oxen dogs are often chosen to train in dog competitions and often achieve high results. As a breed of cattle grazing, the Australian cowdog usually has the habit of running around to drive the subject at their will. In addition, they also like to bite into the subject's heel. You should control the hyperactivity of this breed. The best way is to give this dog a clear job to do.

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